LS - Initial Training

LS - Initial Training

This course contains the Initial online orientation for the Lazy Susan staff covering the main processes and functions. This is a preliminary training course.

Responsible Andrew Dyson
Last Update 12/02/2021
Completion Time 10 hours 58 minutes
Members 35

Introduction to Odoo Accounting

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Introduction to Odoo Accounting

crm helpdesk

Finance 2

Sales Order Processing

Introduction to Finance

Introduction to Odoo

This is an initial introduction to Odoo covering:
1. Overview of Screen Types
2. Customer Records
3. Sales Orders
4. Helpdesk Tickets
5. Handling a customer ticket
6. Discuss application

Lazy Susan - Initial Training - Order Fulfilment

This video is an initial overview of the Order fulfilment processes within the Odoo system.
1. An Overview of Odoo
2. Products and Product Data
3. Sales Order Processing
4. Inventory
5. Purchasing
6. Q&A