Delivering Amazing Software

Sapentia specialises in providing customised Odoo software solutions, enabling businesses to automate and monitor their operations seamlessly from any internet-enabled device.

Our mission at Sapentia is to offer cost-effective business software that seamlessly aligns with your unique operations. Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, if you're looking to enhance efficiency and streamline processes, Sapentia is here to guide you towards progress and evolution.


Why Odoo?

Choose Odoo for an exceptional business support experience. With its comprehensive suite, Odoo empowers you to efficiently handle various aspects of your business, from CRM and Marketing to Sales Pipeline, Warehousing, Field Service, Stock Management, Accounts, Timesheets, Helpdesk, HR, and beyond.

Most Installed Software in the World

 Odoo is the trusted choice of 12 million users worldwide, to foster business growth. Whether you're an SME or a large multinational corporation like Toyota, Danone, or Hyundai, rest assured that you're in secure and very capable hands.

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Don't just take our word for it

Triton Telecom offers bespoke business telephone and connectivity solutions at the lowest prices with the highest levels of customer service.

They were previously using Salesforce and having issues with amending the system to adhere to their work processes. They were also finding that Salesforce was becoming costly. Triton Telecom looked to change. They reviewed all the other options in the market and choose to implement Odoo with Sapentia.


ETC specialise in working with small business owners and franchise owners to grow and become more profitable. They were previously using Excel spreadsheets to keep on top of their projects, sales and marketing.