Retail, Restuarant, Cafe and Bar Point of Sale

A modern versatile point of sale package for your business. Odoo provides a POS that links to your  website and inventory apps

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Point of sale – designed for shops and restaurants   

Effortlessly set up and sell quickly with Odoo's POS app. Compatible with any device, it meets all business needs. Its user-friendly interface suits any retail company, and customisation aligns with your requirements. Odoo POS stays reliable online or offline, functioning seamlessly without an internet connection. 

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Odoo Restaurant

The floor plan  will tell you exactly where your customers are, where the free tables are, who is still waiting for food, and how much room you have left.

 Fully customisable floor plan​

 Supports multiple POS

 Floor plan entirely optional

 Can be configured on a POS basis

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Integrated Inventory Management

Gain real-time control and precise forecasting capabilities for efficient procurement management.

Odoo's inventory app seamlessly records POS transactions to stock, providing instant visibility on product availability. Save time and avoid the hassle of setting up separate stocks for Odoo eCommerce, as the POS is fully compatible. 

Now, operate as a multi-channel business seamlessly without any headaches.


Loyalty Programs & Mailing

Utilise Odoo's loyalty programs to acknowledge and reward your dedicated customers with points, gifts, and discounts. This entire process is not only swift but also fully automatable. Speed up customer identification using loyalty cards and barcode IDs.

Register your customers to monitor their purchasing patterns, enabling you to send them personalised special offers and sale notices effortlessly through Odoo Mailing.

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