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The support you need to evolve your business further

Our Pro Packages will help you implement and support your software rapidly, to maximise the strength of your business.



Choose the apps from Go

Select the apps the you need, all included in the the price.

Support in setting up

Our team will help get your data in and you active.


A range of development packages to ensure the the system is properly configured to reflect your workflow.



Starter Pack

20 hours of support to get your system up and running fast.

Evolution Pack

Advanced support and configuration for when standard is not you.

Developer Pack

Customization and development to take your business needs further.

Our Support Packages



plus VAT
  • 20 hours of setup support
  • Data cleansing/Support
  • Configuration Support
  • Project Management



plus VAT
  • 40 hours of setup support
  • Customisation - Additional Fields
  • Training and Coaching
  • Report Customisation



plus VAT
  • 60 hours of setup support
  • Developments
  • App customisation
  • Dedicated Support Consultant


What do the support packages include?

The Support Packs include a package of premium services delivered by a dedicated consultant. During the implementation phase, you will have an Sapentia Consultant assigned to you to analyse your requirements and configure the Odoo apps according to your needs. The consultant will train and coach you on how to use your Odoo apps, ensuring you can use Odoo's functions and features to grow your business. The Consultant will also customise your Odoo apps if you have chosen that option.

What will the 'Sapentia Consultant' do?
Before implementation, our consultant will analyse the way your business runs and suggest the best way to use Odoo. We will handle all configurations and coach you on how to use Odoo. This service is set up through planned sessions (over the telephone, online or face to face) where our consultant will carry out an analysis of your needs to see what can be developed in line with the functional possibilities of the Odoo apps.
What if I have custom needs that require developments and ad-hoc intergration?

For advanced needs, for example custom development, we offer project management services, Odoo app development, training, on-premise installation and integration services. Development work carried out by us are charged per day of consulting.