Spot the difference

Make your Business Management quicker and easier

Can you spot the difference? Make your Business Management quicker and easier 

Different types of work situations demand different environments, but often you need

·         a positive energy and attitude

·         secure and easy to use business tools for your whole team

·         a friendly and passionate management team

·         decent coffee and biscuits

·         quiet and time to think

Let's explore the possible implications of some of these points.


We are sure there is no need to convince anyone of the fact that it is much easier to focus on a task in a quiet room, rather than in a loud one. Take a moment now to think about your office, warehouse or retail space. Are the phones ringing off the hook? Are there staff screaming remotely and face to face? Are there frustrated, question asking folk everywhere you look?


It’s hard to produce high quality work when jammed in a noisy room. Odoo can help bring focus with comprehensive business management. Equip your staff so they know what they are doing so they don’t need to ask you a million questions. This is especially useful when you are working with agency, apprentices or new staff.



In the past, stress in the workplace has either been ignored or no-one knew how to deal with it. With the continual issue of staff retention and mental well being in these challenging times, businesses are finally realising that addressing their staff’s knowledge and safety levels will not only make them happy but give them greater job satisfaction, increase productivity, creativity and, ultimately boost the organisation’s bottom line.

No need to worry about converting time sheets either, Odoo has already calculated your hours and pinged them to your integrated accounting software for you.


Where did I put that confidential document or receipt? I’m sure I had it in my hand a moment ago? I remember seeing it… After working with many businesses just like yourself we know these are all too familiar conversations you might have with yourself. By using a secure business management system like Odoo you will be able to see your data at the touch of a button and know it’s safe. You will also be able to access, review and complete tasks from afar whilst remote working is becoming more common, as Odoo is a mobile system. You can also prevent compliance failures by getting Odoo to remind and alert you.

By using technology such as Odoo business management software you can create a more harmonious working environments without the phones ringing off the hook from your staff. Create a more productive atmosphere and build better morale for your team. Call Jane Dyson, Operations Director at Sapentia on 01543 220 910 for a demonstration of Odoo today.

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