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Meet the Team

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Andy Dyson Technical Director

Andy covers all things technical and is never happier than when he finding the right data solutions for our fast growing customer base. In his down time Andy's building a 3D robot... honestly he is.

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Colin Dyson Customer Experience Director

Colin loves taking on challenges and helping organisations and individuals grow to success. As well as developing new business he also helps to ensure individuals and companies get the best out of our software.

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Jane Dyson Business Development Director

Jane is here to keep us in order!  She has a range of roles including invoicing, data management and sales to name but a few.  She has an MBA and over 25 years experience in training.

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Hannah Montgomery Marketing Manager

Hannah has decades of international, board-level marketing experience in the technology industry and has qualifications from the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM). She runs a social care charity in her spare time. 

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Cynan Guy Developer

Cynan's interest in programming started at a young  age. He works on the installation and maintenance of our management software and in his free time he can normally be found at his local climbing wall.

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 Gary Williams Functional Consultant

Gary has an analytical background predominately within the financial and banking sectors. He has worked with blue chip clients to simplify their processes, implement change and track the benefits throughout. He also has a passion for events and you can often find him organising them in his spare time.

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Daniel O'Loughlin Software Developer

Daniel is the newest addition to the Sapentia team and ensures we offer modern bespoke development to all of our clients.

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George Mansbridge Senior Software Developer

George is a graduate from the University of Birmingham and has a background in embedded software development. He has experience working on everything from tiny micro controllers to huge serverless cloud applications. In his spare time you are likely to find him making custom electronics or shooting nerf guns!